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Workshop Testimonials From Young Adults 

"I learned heaps today, and thought the course was excellent."

"I have learned to stick up for myself and thought the course was excellent."

"I learned how to deeply define bullying and how to calm myself down. I thought the course was very good and interesting."

Brief Testimonials


"I like the style of counselling that you use, I like the humour."

"Thank you Bergen you have helped me so much-God bless you."

"I like your directive style of counselling, it suits me."

"You hit the nail on the head - you are very intuitive."

Coming into take counselling my initial preconceived ideas of it made me very nervous and apprehensive. But you were very quick to nullify those nerves and break down any worries I had about it, because you were reassuring, warm, friendly and honest, not encouraging me to divulge any info I didn't want to until I built my own trust. I didn't feel an ounce of pressure at any stage to go deep into things I didn't want to, but was also encouraged that the further I went the more I would get out of it. I found it easy to talk because you were able to make me feel like my struggles were not weird or abnormal, and yet at the same time, you were able to say the right things at the right times to challenge my thinking and perceptions. 




I noticed immediate improvements by our second session. I loved the fact that even though we were talking about heavy or hard stuff at times the conversations were always fun and full of laughter. It was clear it was something not forced by you but came naturally because of your personality, which was great. A lot of my growth came from being challenged in areas of thought; encouragement to see things more rationally and less harshly and also to believe things about myself I either didn't before or that I had warped into negative lies.

 Your ability to convey those challenges was both firm and caring which meant I never felt anxious or upset for being challenged. It was also clear that you genuinely cared about me as a whole, Regardless of whether I was coming to see you or not, I knew you were genuinely interested and invested in me as a person, not just as a client. 

Your ability to be responsive to the Holy Spirit was incredible and on point every time, something that has encouraged and helped me no end mentally and spiritually. In fact, the acknowledgment of God in every session was the coolest thing, as it reminded me that mental health and spiritual health could never be mutually exclusive, and was a big source of encouragement and helped me build trust. Your discernment was awesome! The way you integrated your points into applicable everyday situations has really helped me to have a deeper understanding of the way I was and now should think, e.g. defending myself in court or references to your own life experiences. I have a lot of learning and challenges that I have written down that I will take with me forever. All in all, there was not one bad moment for me, your personality and training combined made the sessions I had the greatest experiences and I looked forward to them every time, You changed my life, and I will be grateful forever! Thank you so much!



" I have been seeing Bergen for counseling services since September 2015. I remember my very first session with Bergen like it was yesterday. I was a very broken fragile bird so to speak. Today, I am a whole new strong, vibrant, and confident individual. Bergen's counsel has greatly contributed to my personal change and continual positive progress. In providing this feedback I can look back and say hand on heart Bergen will respect the sensitivity regarding what you're receiving counseling for in a real heartfelt way. Her level of encouragement, enthusiasm, and ability to give significant understanding to your personal circumstance is second to none. Very rarely in my life have I chosen to deal with conflict or some form of confrontation. A very weak area for me and as a result, over time, a great deal of heartache and pain was caused. Today I have the right tools to acknowledge and deal with any conflict or confrontation. Bergen taught me this and I will forever be grateful. In a nutshell, Bergen will build a genuine honest, and trustworthy rapport with you right from day one. She has great leadership in her counsel because of her genuine heart behind the progress she is guiding "you" to achieve. Finally, from a Christian perspective, I believe Bergen's style of counseling beautifully reflects the heart of Jesus."



"I first met Bergen for counselling some months back after struggling for 2 years from my marriage breakup. Life was a struggle to hold together and keep going at the time and someone at Mosaic put me in touch with her. From that first appointment Bergen has helped and assisted me to come to terms with where things are at in what was my marriage and family, also helping me in my journey with God my Father and being the Man that is in his plan.


The questions and advise that Bergen asked and gave me have helped me to move forward , climb a mountain or two she has even assisted me in getting out of a deep valley. Lately i have been struggling with seeing myself as a total failure, but with the help from friends, work mates and my counselor Bergen I know that life isn't what it seemed. I do have 4 wonderful adult children and some very good friends also a Father in Heaven who loves me .


Bergen is a great counselor and has helped improve my life to no end"

I loved doing group work with Bergen I learnt so much!

Bergen saved my life - literally.

I take my hat off to you I honestly don't know how to do what you do!

I just want to say how grateful I my to have you in my life, and that you've stuck around and fought for me and not given up on me.

Thanks for all your support.

Thank you for believing in me.


                                                            Testimonials from Colleagues


"Bergen's many qualities and attributes are her passion and enthusiasm when working with young people, and her innate ability to relate to young people gaining their respect and trust while not compromising her role as a counsellor."



"I was impressed with her ability too relate to these children often with very disturbing home situations. Her humour, immense compassion and down to earth approach coupled with an effective skill base enabled her to reach and help these children cope with their home issues and be heard."

She's a excellent group facilitator - very good at what she does and how she does it.


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